What Are The Best Reeds To Use For Diffusers?

When it comes to creating a mood in your space or giving it a personal touch, fragrance plays a crucial role. One of the most effective ways to keep your environment fragrant is using diffusers, and a vital component of these devices are the reed sticks. In this blog, we’ll be examining the world of reeds to better understand their impact and why certain types, like fibre reeds, might be the best choice for you.

Types of Reed Sticks

Typically, there are two main types of reed sticks: rattan reeds and fibre reeds. Each type has its own unique characteristics that determine its efficacy.

  • Rattan Reeds: Traditionally, rattan reeds have been the go-to choice for many diffuser enthusiasts. They are thin, porous sticks derived from the rattan plant. While they work well in absorbing and diffusing oils, they may have some limitations due to their natural composition.

rattan sticks

  • Fibre Reeds: These are the modern, upgraded version of reed sticks. Fibre reeds are engineered to deliver optimal fragrance distribution. They are made from polymer and, unlike traditional rattan reeds, they don’t require flipping. They're also available in a variety of colours to match your home decor.

    fibre reed diffuser sticks

The Power of Fibre Reeds

At Rare Aromas, we've come to appreciate the value that fibre reeds bring to the world of diffusers. Let's explore why they have become our preferred choice:

1. Enhanced Absorption and Diffusion: The main advantage of fibre reeds lies in their superior absorption and diffusion capabilities. Thanks to their synthetic nature, these reeds can absorb more fragrance oil and distribute it evenly into the room. They ensure a consistent scent throw, providing a pleasant, long-lasting aroma.

2. No Need to Flip: Fibre reeds eliminate the inconvenience of flipping the reeds, which is necessary with traditional rattan reeds. This is because fibre reeds are designed to continually draw up the scent without getting clogged. You can enjoy a hassle-free aromatic experience.

3. Durability and Aesthetic Appeal: Fibre reeds are robust and don’t discolour over time. Our Black Fibre Reeds are an excellent example of this. They maintain their sleek, elegant appearance while effectively diffusing your favourite Rare Aromas scent.

4. Better for Allergy Sufferers: For those with allergies or sensitivities to strong fragrances, fibre reeds are a much better choice. They release the scent more gradually and evenly, reducing the risk of overwhelming the senses or triggering allergies.

5. Environmental Friendly: Fibre reeds are more eco-friendly than rattan reeds. They last longer, which reduces the need for replacement and ultimately leads to less waste. In addition, they are manufactured in a way that uses less energy compared to the process of producing rattan reeds.

In conclusion, while both rattan and fibre reeds have their own merits, the latter clearly provides a superior, hassle-free, and enjoyable fragrance experience. It's a simple switch, but one that can significantly enhance the ambience of your space. Our Black Fibre Reeds are a testament to this, providing a reliable and efficient diffusion of our exquisite Rare Aromas scents. Give them a try, and experience the difference yourself!